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111 Days (2021)

















How to measure distance alternatively?


Well, according to Google Maps, it takes 111 consecutive days by foot to reach where you are from where I am.


Nevertheless, can distance really be measured? Can 111 days truly be converted to 24 hours multiplied by 111?


How about the unpredictable sidetracks along the way? The emotional or physical detours?


The anticipation;


The faith and hope;


The promises and wishes;


The frustration;


The anxiousness;


The loneliness;


The despair;


The visions and delusions;


The aching separation;


The missed out celebrations;


The days that pass with a blink of an eye, the nights that feel like a lifetime?


And who is counting, really? 

It is the time of your and my life that can never be taken back.


The distance between you and me.


(2 September 2021)

*In collaboration with artist Andrea Roccioletti.

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