Docile Doormat (2021)

























Throughout human history, it’s evident that institutional and collective indoctrination can dangerously lead to automatic self-indoctrination, as a result of brainwashing. The high price for individuals to pay is that one becomes a victim of the mentality of subserviency and passivity, as well as a subject of a cult-like community, losing personal dignity and free will.


The question worth asking is: How have mainstream narratives shaped individuals' willingness for conformity and submission? What roles have we personally played in such a culture and environment? Besides, what is next for us after we so willingly submit and become a docile doormat of collective homogeneity, idolised power figures and powerhouses? Furthermore, who is the ultimate beneficiary of such a mentality and culture?


Hence, on 13 August 2021, I created this performance to challenge the audience to think for themselves and to explore the associated questions. It is deliberately designed with a metaphorical form of faithfully internalising printed texts and morbidly kissing others’ shoes. The satin loungewear acts as a tool to enhance an intimate atmosphere and a submissive persona.


Eventually the person and the doormat become one, allowing all the shoes stomping upon oneself.


Then what's left? 

Then what’s next?