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Docile Doormat (2021)

























Throughout human history, it is evident that institutional and collective indoctrination can dangerously lead to automatic self-indoctrination, as a result of brainwashing. The high price for individuals to pay is that one becomes a victim of the mentality of subservience and passivity, as well as a subject of a cult-like community, losing personal dignity and free will.

The question worth asking is: How have mainstream narratives shaped individuals' willingness for conformity? What roles have we personally played in the process of succumbing to collective homogeneity, idolised power figures and powerhouses? Furthermore, who is the ultimate beneficiary of docile doormats’ total submission? 

Therefore, this performance is deliberately designed with a metaphorical form of faithfully internalising printed texts and morbidly kissing others’ shoes. The satin loungewear acts as a tool to enhance an intimate atmosphere and a subservient persona.


Eventually the person and the doormat become one, allowing all the shoes stomping upon oneself.


Then what's left? 

Then what’s next?

(13 August 2021)

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