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Fairy, Messenger, Squatters, Pop & I

The night is old

Eyes wide open still

Fairy of Sleepy Butterfly

Please kiss my eyelids goodnight


The daydream is long

Pop can wait no longer

Oh Messenger of Raven Dark Cape

Must you hurry?


100 years

All I asked for

Till my hair and his tied by a red thread

Till angels of mine call you great-grandpa


You wanted an heir

Mom wanted a debutante

Both frowned upon

A hippie post-punk


Mom named me “flower”

You named me “thunder”

Two tones, same syllable

What a yin’n’yang cliche


Trade my time for yours

If I could

Then I’d happily die

Without Squatters of Wrinkles


Dali, Dali

Did you manage to shift time

When you warped that clock?

Pop, pop

Shall we find a surviving field to fly kites

If there is one left?


(20 Oct 2021)

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