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I'm Not Ready to Say Goodbye

I greeted you with my first cry

When the light hit my eyes

You promised me a white lie

How stars would align


The bride in white

Trapped with a permanent tie

The guardian angel of mine

Killed a cockroach in the daylight


No mercy from time

Sneaky thief of youth and lives

Golden fresh fries

Soggy day-old bread


The embryo resided above your thigh

Two decades flied

An apricot growing your brain inside

How many more decades left


Turn the clock back

Could I, could I

Make a deal with time

Can I, can I


You said

Put the anger aside

Remember the philosophy of life

Come and go the tides

My child, now it’s time


We look alike

We threw up together after a roller coaster ride

We fought fiercely in 2009

We’ll always have what we’ve had


But I’m not ready to say goodbye


So let’s just say

It’s been a good ride


(2 May 2020)

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