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Lily & Lucy

Dusty English textbooks

Came twin sisters Lily and Lucy to the red land

“Car” rounded off their tongues like a bouncy olive

Two blondies met British boy Ben


Oh maybe there was only Lucy

See my memories already blurred

Never trust a narrative

How fictional words can be


Millions of copies circulated in those school years

Millions of kids befriended Lily and Lucy

On their imaginary land

Where McDonald’s must be gourmet food


Not many made it to the gate

Some married before their mid 20s

Some watched YouTube with a VPN

They didn’t have any friends on Fb


Lily & Lucy probably headed back

They were never a brick in the wall

They were two child diplomats

Who sold a dream that never existed

(Binotes, n.d.)

(30 July 2021)
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