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My Eyes Are Washed by the Suffering Witnessed

My eyes are washed by the suffering witnessed

Now they can see far

Seeing the hashtags deleted

The names buried

The games played

The clowns praised

The kingpins pleased


Her fever immortalised a county

Now the world knows Ru Zhou

But she was a mortal

A commoner

A teenager

A student

A life that just wasn’t important enough

But important for her family

Who now lost a daughter

A granddaughter

A niece

A cousin


Speaking of insignificance

The disposable

The expendable

The faceless

The voiceless

The assembly workers who build your phones

Your phones now come in black, silver, red, blue and purple

But they also come in BLOOD

The blood of the assembly workers

Who only existed for your insatiable appetite for all colours

Who became the frontline workers somehow in a lockdown city

Who died after being ordered to continue to work in an infected cluster

Who birthed billionaires at Silicon Valley but never got to be called mommy, daddy

Whose wages were worthless

So were their lives


My eyes are washed by the suffering witnessed

(27 Oct 2022)
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