The fox has indeed conned you... No more blood phones! (2022)


















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Apple's long-term iPhone manufacturing contractor Foxconn has repeatedly been exposed for abusing assembly workers' rights over the years. However, no tears and blood of factory workers would shake the partnership between Apple and Foxconn and Apple continues to sell over-priced iPhones made by underpaid workers. The most recent incident of covid outbreak cover-up in Foxconn Zhengzhou in October 2022 drew international attention. Over 300,000 workers were afflicted, as well as millions of city residents confined in prolonged lockdown. 

In this era of globalisation, one's consumer choices are linked to tens of millions of workers at the frontline of exploitation in the Global South. To punish a corporation is to cut its bloodline of revenue: sales. People's money has power as it is a silent vote. Would you vote evil?

No more blood phones. 

(30 Oct 2022)