When I was a kid, I used to like lying on my stomach, elbows holding my upper body on grandparents' bed, and singing my thoughts out loud while reading or contemplating, with random melodies running through my head. 


In retrospect, it might be a similar process of how folk songs came into being in the old days, when a shepherd in the meadow suddenly saw a cloud that struck a chord in his heart and he started to sing. 


To take our train of thought back to the contemporary times: graffiti is still considered as "low art" and even hastily dismissed as "vandalism" in some societies. A common human being's right to express artistic interpretations and genuine thoughts is often denied. 

Therefore, I decided to combine the two forms of free expression as the methodology in this performance. Temporary graffiti due to circumstances and a spontaneous tune of "folk song" with crafted thoughts become one unity. 


With regards to the content, it is a tableau of interconnected topics. Religious folks sometimes like to offer a prayer out of their good faith but rarely have some of them pondered whether their ties to the faith only exist in a tolerant and comfortable social environment or not. Hence, I would like to challenge them to imagine an extreme and yet realistic scenario where their religious freedom is deprived and their loyalty and allegiance to their belief systems are tested. 


Furthermore, I would like to draw the audience's attention to secular matters such as battles against tyranny, establishment of democracy, pressing issues revolving around attainment of equality, celebration of humanity and application of rationality. 

Ultimately, it is an ode to freedom, because freedom is still a privilege and even a taboo in numerous societies.  

If we give up the pursuit of freedom, dark clouds will overshadow all the marvels and wonders humankind has ever accomplished.   

(28 September 2021)